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Know Your Lien Deadlines

Notice to Owner laws differ from state to state.

If you're doing work in multiple states, it's important to know the differences in timing for the various lien statutes, especially when you're sending a preliminary notice to preserve lien rights.

A late notice may prevent you from claiming your rightful payment!

To help you stay on top of deadlines, we compiled a summary below of Notice to Owner and Claim of Lien requirements, based on the construction lien statutes for each state. For more detailed information, just click on your state at the bottom of the page.


If you do not have a contract directly with the owner or bond holder and wish to preserve lien rights, a Notice to Owner must be received by the 45th day after beginning a job. 

The Notice is considered timely if sent by certified mail by the 39th day after starting work. 

If sent after the 39th day, the Notice must be received by the 45th day with proof of delivery. 


If you do not have a contract directly with the owner or general contractor and you wish to protect your lien rights, a Notice to Owner/Contractor is required ONLY if a Notice of Commencement (NOC) has been recorded for the job. 

The Notice to Owner/Contractor must be received by the 30th day after beginning work on the job, or 30 days after recording of the NOC (whichever is later). 


For both Florida and Georgia, a Claim of Lien must be recorded by the 90th day after finishing a job. In both states, a copy of the recorded Claim of Lien must be sent to the involved parties by certified mail, return receipt requested. 

In Florida, that copy must be sent by the 15th day after recording the Claim of Lien.  

In Georgia, it must be sent by the second day after recording the Claim of Lien

The best way to ensure deadlines are met is to automate the process, which is why PBN Construction Notices uses software that tracks due dates automatically. Plus, our researchers are experienced in writing Notices in both Florida and Georgia, and they know what to do when unique situations arise.

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